I was a designer at Infinity Ward from Feb 2008 to April 2010.
Modern Warfare 2 was released in November 2009 on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

As a level designer on Modern Warfare 2 I worked closely with scripters and artists to design and complete levels. I would design levels on paper, build them out for gameplay, detail them out to completion (with the help of a fantastic art team), do lighting, optimization and bug fix for shipping.
Every level shown is a product of the whole team, with many assets being designed and implemented by other departments such as art, fx, sound, etc. For MW2, my contribution to each level varied greatly. These are the levels that I worked on to some extent on Modern Warfare 2

Full playthrough video

The Training level for MW2 came online quickly. We designed it on our office window with a dry-erase marker and I built it in about 4 days. A handful of my good friends names can be found on the soldiers in the level. Later, we repurposed the level for a spec-ops mission, The Pit.

Shortly after the game came out, The Pit was recreated in real life and an ex-special forces soldier ran it while being timed.
This was definitely a sight to see. Check it out here:

Youtube: The Gadget Show - MW2 Pit Run

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Full playthrough video
The MW2 prototype, E3 level and 3rd level of the game (counting S.S.D.D.) This was my first map on MW2 single player. I worked on this level from blockout to completion.

Some of the geo was later repurposed for a spec-ops mission.

Here's a video of Jason West playing Cliffhanger on stage at the Microsoft press conference in 2009.

Youtube: Cliffhanger Debut

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Full playthrough video
I didn't really work on this level directly. I had worked on some geo for an American neighborhood when I started at IW, which was originally intended for Multiplayer but never made the cut. Later, the geo was used for the intro section of the Wolverines! mission and eventually repurposed for a spec-ops mission where one player is in the chopper covering the other player on the ground.

A lot of the inspiration for the area came from growing up in neighborhoods like this.

My contribution to the level ends at about the 2:30 minute mark in this video.

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Full playthrough video
My most ambitious map for MW2. I'm very proud of this level because I think it was a technilogocal achievement as well as a gameplay success, with a great story beat.

One of my favorite parts of the level is the shower room fight, which I designed in an hommage to a great action movie of the 90's, The Rock.
It didn't go without notice from the community.
MW2 shower room VS The Rock shower room

There was also a push at one point with this level to get it ready for the trailer, as well as showcasing spec-ops mode with the shower room mission, Breach and Clear.

I worked on this level from  paper design to completion.

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Full playthrough video
Another ambitious level. Many designers worked on this map over the course of the project and many different gameplay ideas were tried in the different areas. I think at one point we were driving tanks through the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

I ended up doing most of what you see from the 10 minute mark to the end of this video, as well as most of the lighting in the level and lots of detailing, optimizing and bug fixing.

As I've never been to Washington DC, this level took a lot of reference hunting and studying Google Maps to get the layout and distant views of the DC Mall right.

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Full playthrough video
This was a fun level to work on. It went fast, since it's essentially pretty small, but there was a lot of research to get the layout as correct as possible. It was one of the places in the game that we had to get just right.

Images of the level stirred the pot a little, depicting a US capital under attack. I appreciate this articles take on the idea. It was designed to make you feel something.

The Whitehouse was blocked out in-game to some extent when I was put on the level. I took what was there and we designed a layout from that, then I worked on the map to completion.

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Full playthrough video
Near the end of the game, this level has the player tracking the bad guy through a cave system in Afghanistan. This really put my terrain skills to the test, since the whole thing was basically made of rock, and building caves can get real squirrely real fast.

The level was nearly cut at one point, but was brought back to life by a team effort of 2 great scripters on the team.

I worked on the level from blockout to completion.

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Full playthrough video

The museum was a pet project of mine. I had a little free time at the end of the project and started working on this on my own. The diarama idea is based off of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

It went fast, so when I had something good enough to show I did a quick pitch to the leads to get it in the game somehow. With a little scripting help, the credits level was born.

Every character model, weapon and almost every vehicle is present here. The artists loved it!

Just remember, Do not press the red button!

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Multiplayer match video

My only shipped multiplayer map for MW2, Bailout was released with the first DLC, the Stimulus Package.

I designed a lot of these spaces and the overall look from an apartment complex I was living in at the time. After it was released, I saw through a patio window in the complex a guy playing the map in his living room. I always wondered if he thought something looked familiar.

The video shows a (really good) player just playing a regular match on Bailout.

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Thanks to the Youtube users who uploaded playthroughs of these levels. If any of them have a problem with me linking their videos, please email me.