Released: March 2007

Shambler's Castle is the one and only map for the Quake Mod for Doom 3. A small mod team, lead by myself, worked on the mod for the better part of 2 years.  While I worked on the map, we had modders helping with remaking the Quake weapons, monsters, sounds, pickups, music, textures and HUD. It's a small mod, but it packs a punch. If you loved Quake 1, give it a spin.

Quake Mod Team:
Henk "Obi-Wan" Bernhardt - All monsters, many props, the Axe weapon, Health and Ammo pickups, misc. particles
Ryan "Quaker-X" Rutherford - Weapon implementation and scripts, Item scripts, misc. monster scripts

Julian Morris - Weapon models and textures
Tom Szakolczay - Loading screen art
Chris Cowell - Weapon sounds
Brian "Sonic Clang" Kline - Music, "Beef Rock"
OBWANDO - Torch model

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