Big Red One was my first project as a game developer. I started at Gray Matter, where they had just come off of the expansion pack for CoD1, United Offensive. We later merged studios with Treyarch and focused our efforts on making a console version of Call of Duty. The design team was green, but motivated, and we worked really hard to get this game done in 8 months.
Big Red One was released in November 2005 on PlayStation 2, Xbox and Gamecube.
As a level designer at Treyarch, I would design levels on paper, build them out for gameplay, detail them out to completion (with the help of a fantastic art team), do lighting, optimization and bug fix for shipping.
Every level shown is a product of the whole team, with many assets being designed and implemented by other departments such as art, fx, sound, etc. These are the levels that I worked on to some extent on Call of Duty 2 Big Red One.

Full playthrough video Part 1
My first Call of Duty map. Working on the PlayStation 2 was fun at first, until I realized how limited it was. There was a lot of work that went into optimizing this level to fit into memory. I worked on t his level from paper design to completion.

The level is so long, the playthrough video is broken up into 3 parts. But, it's actually pretty good quality.

Piano Lupo Playthrough Part 2

Paino Lupo Playthrough Part 3

Full playthrough video
I was put on this mission after it had been blocked out, but it needed to go through a bunch of changes. I redesigned it on paper and started changing the block out. It was fun to work on a completely vehicle mission, you have to think about a whole different set of issues and problems to solve.

I also had to come up with a decent destructible system, since the buildings in the player path were destructible by the tank.

I worked on this map from (re)design to completion.

Full playthrough video Part 1
I was brought on to this level to help finish it up. I did an environment detail pass on just about the whole thing.

The Desert Fox Playthrough Part 2

Full playthrough video
This level was designed and built by my good friend Ryan Rutherford, who later went to work at Human Head and id Software as a designer on Rage.

I was brought on to this level to help finish up the beach. I mostly just did an environment detail pass on the beach and a few other areas.

Full playthrough video
Another level where I was brought on to help finish it up. I did an overall environmental detail pass.

Thanks to That Biscuit Dude for having all these great quality videos of this super old PS2 game! I don't think I would have recorded them myself.
If there is a problem with me linking to them, please email me.